Box Tops for Education


Congratulations to our amazing Warriors who brought in over 20,000 Box Tops last week!  This translates into $2000 for technology at LRCA.  Woo-hoo!!  While the end result was great, we LOVED seeing the kids get into the “competition”.


Each day they were watching that thermometer, and asking who was ahead at the end of the day.  They started getting creative and calling friends and grandparents for their Box Tops…cutting the Box Tops off all the kleenex or zip lock boxes in their classrooms…and sitting on the floor of their home’s pantry and cutting Box Tops off the shelves (heard this more than once!).  Congratulations to all our Warriors for their amazing spirit and making it FUN!

Winners include:

  • Elementary – Mrs. Wilke’s Class (it was SO CLOSE!)
  • Middle School – 6th Grade
  • Junior High – 8th Grade

A big THANKS goes out to our Box Tops “Queen”: Karen Lord for her organization and creativity… she put the FUN in Box Tops for us!  Thanks to our sweet teachers who got into the spirit, and moms who help count and package the little jewels.


Our Spring Campaign will be the week of February 1st.   For a list of products with Box Tops, click here.

Question:  What about all these other Labels out there on products?  Campbell’s Labels/ Tyson/ Ink Cartridges

Answer: SEND THEM!  We have accounts with several campaigns and will send them in.  Free Money for LRCA!

Thanks and Go Warriors!    Lynn / President – Parent Teacher Fellowship

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