“I was there!” First Warrior GLOW a big hit

Warrior Glow Slide

Oh…what a night!  Hundreds of Middle School students and parents came to the Warrior Hall grounds for the first Warrior GLOW last night.


There were students showing some amazing Warrior PRIDE!

DSC_0117  DSC_0115

One came as his favorite coach…love it!


The boys (and yes, girls) enjoyed trashcan football on the grounds.


We enjoyed a great cookout (thanks dads!), bon fire, movie on the grounds, and fellowship.  After dark, the evening was full of glow in the dark gear…which turned into some fun games.


The middle school students also made collaborative pieces of art to hang in their hallways.

DSC_0094 DSC_0102

They did a GREAT job! Here’s a sample of one piece…it’s 7 feet tall!


A big thanks to parents for pulling together and making this evening a WIN for Middle School students.  The PTF Middle School team led by Georgia Johnston and Cortney Bowman went above and beyond!!  Thanks to Susan Dennis, Marijane Pfeiffer, Karen Lord, Heather Bennett,  and Cella Bates who served on the planning team, and the over 100 parents who brought items and served at the event. We are very grateful for the creative partnership of Karmen Landers and Brandy Tarini who designed and orchestrated the class art projects.

DSC_0097 DSC_0105

You can upload your photos and see others’ on the Warrior GLOW Event Page on LRCA Facebook.

WOW…God is good and we can’t wait until next year!  Go Warriors!!


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