Holiday Gift Item: Warrior Tag Necklaces

We love getting to feature parents who serve our school in various ways.  Many of these amazing moms are super talented and have businesses which include fun items or services for the families of “Warriorville.”  If YOU are one of those moms, please let the PTF know so we can help get the word out to other families!  Contact:

Today’s feature are Warrior Tag Necklaces, brought to you by Cristin Bankson, mom to Hailee and Parker, who also serves as Logistics Chair for the Spring 2014 Auction.  Cristin is a rep for the company Jewel Kade (made in the USA!) and has two AWESOME tag necklaces for moms, teachers, sponsors.  These make wonderful Christmas gifts from your teams or classes!

First – The “LRCA Jack Tag” Necklace $48


Second – The Enchanted Cross Necklace with “Warrior” Reva Stamp  $57

Warrior Reva

Order form can be downloaded here.  Please order ASAP in order to receive before school is out for Christmas break, or by Dec 11th in order to receive by Christmas.  Note: Cristin keeps a running list of products purchased for teachers, so you will not duplicate a product already given to a teacher.  If you or your group want something different on a tag, simply talk to Cristin at (317) 919-1391.  Examples: “Warrior Mom”, “Warrior Cheer”, “Warrior Band”…lots of options!

Letter limit on Jack Tag is 1st line = 8 letters, 2nd line = 7 letters.

Letter limit for Reva Stamp = 11 letters.

Merry Christmas and Go Warriors!

Please note: this is not a fundraiser for PTF, simply LRCA families supporting each other!  If you have a Warrior product, we’d love to promote you too.  Please contact PTF at

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