Junior High Parents have been busy…

This fall semester, the Junior High PTF reps, Kristi Fuller and Aimee Parkinson, have been visiting with our beloved Junior High Assistant Principal Mrs. Glover, how what parental involvement could look like in Junior High…and boy…are we ever pleased!


Mrs. Glover mentioned bulletin boards…and LOOK what these amazing moms created!


The teachers love them, and we LOVED showing our support in the Junior High building.

Then, today, Junior High parents hosted a Christmas teacher appreciation luncheon for the Junior High staff.  It looked so beautiful, smelled SO GOOD, and was enjoyed by the sweet Junior High staff who could not stop thanking us as they ate!


A big thanks goes out to DeAwna Brantley and her amazing organizational skills!  She made it super easy for parents to be involved in the luncheon and they JUMPED.  Thanks DeAwna for all your work and thanks to the many who participated in this first event: Amy White, Beth Moore, Beth Roach, Debbie Northington, Jennifer Blanscet, Kelly Carnahan, Kristen Daughtery, Lindy Smith, Lynette Bowersock, Pati Jones, Rebecca Lucy, Sharon Gasaway, and Sharon Hogan, Aimee Parkinson, and Kristi Fuller.


One lesson we’ve learned…Junior High parents are ready to come when called!  We are working with Mrs. Glover on some programs for spring and are excited to share them with you as they roll out.  If you are a Junior High parent and would like to be on the PTF Junior High mailing list, please click here.  We promise to keep it simple and keep you informed!

Thanks again to our Junior High parents!  You guys have done an incredible job!

Merry Christmas and Go Warriors!


…the newest Junior High bulletin board – thanks Kristi Acri!!

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