AR Store Highlights

If you have a student in 2nd through 5th grades…you know TODAY was a GOOD DAY!  The AR store was open today in the Elementary Library for students participating in the Accelerated Reader Program.  A big thanks to Dana De Bruyn, mom to Collin, Shea, and Brynn, for leading the AR store efforts this year.

AR Store December 2013

The AR Store is open several times a year where students can redeem their AR points for goodies in the store.  Dana’s team does an amazing job of stocking the store with items the students love!  There is a little something for everyone, including the achievers wanting to score a BIG prize.  And believe us, they have worked HARD and deserve it!

For more about the AR program, click the link below.

Accelerated Reader

The Parent Teacher Fellowship is very proud to underwrite the majority of the costs of the AR program.  Here we see our fundraising dollars put to work!  This initiative is an excellent example of parents joining together to promote a love of reading and learning among our children.  Thank you Dana for leading this team along with Robyn Dodson and the LRCA Library Staff.  If you would like to help with the AR store next semester, please click here to receive AR needs and opportunities.

So proud of our Reading Warriors!

ar reader

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