Get those Box Tops Ready!


LRCA’s Box Tops Collection is coming soon!  Mark your calendars for the week of February 3rd – 7th.  There are collection boxes all over campus:

      • each elementary classroom
      • elementary office
      • middle school office
      • junior high office
      • Welcome Center

Click here for a list of participating products.  Many double or triple Box Tops are popping up at Sam’s Wholesale and Wal Mart since January 1st!

Did you know you can also shop the Box Tops Marketplace and receive Box Top credits for LRCA?  Popular stores like Lands End, Oriental Trading, Staples,…over 400 stores have online sites which participate.

Last fall, we collected 20,000 Box Tops…which translates to $2000 for technology at our school.  Way to go, Warriors!!

We can do it again this spring.  Start grabbing your Box Tops, and ask your people, too!

  • grandparents
  • neighbors
  • friends
  • co workers

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