Box Tops and Labels…Bring them on!

Our Fall Collection for Box Tops and other labels will occur October 13-17.  There are boxes in all educational building on campus as well as the Welcome Center in which labels may be dropped off.

What to bring, you ask?  Everything!  The PTF Box Tops Team will send it in!

Box Tops are always a big fundraiser for LRCA.  These little jewels generated over $4000 for our classrooms last year!  See a list of where to find them here.



Campbell’s Soup Labels – found dozens of Campbells and other products. They are everywhere!  Cut them out and send them in, too!

soup lables  images-2 images

Tyson Project A+ Labels – found on bags and boxes of Tyson Products everywhere!

logo images-3 images-4

My Coke Rewards – don’t throw those codes away!  Donate them for items for LRCA.  Easy!


images-5 images-6

If you have labels other than the ones mentioned here, just send them in!

Thanks and Go Warriors!

Questions?  Email

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