Meals for Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Guinee

If your child has attended LRCA since elementary school, most likely you have had one (if not both) of these teachers: Mrs. Deborah Walsh and Mrs. Brenda Guinee.

Currently, both of these precious women are undergoing chemotherapy while treating cancer.  Many LRCA families have asked how they can help support and love on these women during this time.  Below are the online calendars for meals for each of them:



  • Calendar ID : 195607
  • Security code : 7265


Mrs. Guinee


  • Last Name: Guinee
  • Password: 2008


Here are some ideas for:

Instead of a meal, families are most welcome to make a gift sack full of snacks or treats for Mrs. Walsh or Mrs. Guinee:

Gift baskets may be delivered to the Elementary School building.

Cards of encouragement are most welcome, too!

Thanks and Go Warriors!

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