LRCA Faculty Christmas Gifts


Looking for an affordable way to bless our fabulous teachers and staff at LRCA this Christmas?  Please consider donating to the LRCA Christmas Gift Account!  All donations from LRCA families will be tabulated, then divided and given as a cash gift card to every member on staff.  This includes teachers, traffic team, coaches, secretaries…everyone!

In example, a family has 2 children at LRCA and donates $20…if other families did the same, everyone on LRCA staff would receive a $65 gift card!  Some families will give more and some can not participate this year…no worries!  We want everyone to know there is a new option which goes a long way.

Donations to the Faculty Christmas Gift Account can be made online here or by leaving a check  in the Welcome Center.  LAST DAY to participate is FRIDAY, DEC 5.

Merry Christmas and Go Warriors!

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