Box Tops Collection Week! Oct 19-23

box-tops-for-education-clip-art1LRCA’s fall semester collection for BOX TOPS is October 19-23!

Box Tops can be deposited in each Elementary Classroom, or in the Middle School and Junior High offices.  Of course, there will be PRIZES for the student groups who bring in the most!

You might be asking…

  • How do I send our Box Tops?  Send them in a ziplock bag with your child to school.  If you want extra points, you can group them in snack bags of 50 Box Tops each!  This really helps!! (Better yet, get the little people in your home to do this for you!)
  • Can we send other labels?  Great question.  We did collect different labels in the past, however, they proved to be very time intensive for very little return.  Clearly, Box Tops is the best program so our participation is limited to it now.
  • Where can I get Box Tops?  here’s a list of participating products
  • What about grandparents?  Ask them and get their bridge group, Bible study group, other circle of friends to collect for them, too.  Experience has shown that grandparents are happy to do this and actually get into it!!

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