PRAY LRCA — Message from Erin

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Hello LRCA prayer warriors! I have been pouring over this year’s theme verse, Luke 2:52, and am so excited about the 2015-2016 focus on growing! As a mom, my heart just swells to see my children growing in their relationship with the LORD. I realize that equipping children to go out into the world and face the challenges that await, can only be accomplished when the knowledge of the love of the LORD is their foundation. The world offers a momentary, fleeting wisdom. The LORD offers wisdom that goes from eternity to eternity.

The word for grew in this verse can be translated “to keep increasing”. It is not a one-time event. It is a continual process. Our focus this year as prayer warriors will be to pray for this growth process at LRCA. We will pray for our children from pre-K through high school, as well as staff and LRCA families.

  • We meet once a quarter as a group to study the Word and then pray the Word (schedule below).
  • I will also send out an email once a month with prayers to pray for our children or a specific class.

We are looking for mom’s to pray from pre-school through high school.

You can register for the Prayer Monthly Emails by clicking this link.

PRAY LRCA SCHEDULE:   August 31      November 2      January 11     April 25   
Warrior Hall at 8:30. 

LORD, I pray that we at LRCA (administration, teachers, staff, children, and families) will continually grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with you and men. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

In Him,

Erin Warford – “Pray LRCA” Chair 2015/16   LRCA Parent Teacher Fellowship

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