Happy Thanksgiving from Your PTF!


Poor Thanksgiving…every year retailers continue to squeeze summer and Christmas closer and closer together, and it seems like each year, we simply gloss over this treasured holiday, in anticipation of the lights and sounds of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but maybe, just maybe, this is the year we give Thanksgiving the attention it deserves…

This year, Your PTF throws out a challenge to all our LRCA families:  Slow down. Stop. Right Now. Give Thanks. Have Your Kids Give Thanks. It’s good for the soul.

As our school moves from Higher Ground to Higher Praise, let’s praise the Lord for His mercy, provision, healing, forgiveness, and His unconditional love for us.

I wanted to share the following letter from Dr. Joe White, President of Kanakuk Kamps. May your home be happy, and your heart be filled this Thanksgiving and always!


– Cheryl Rowen, PTF President

Thankful kids are happy kids! Thankful people make happy families. Thankful people turn a house into a home.

Thanksgiving, turkey and dressing, family, friends and food are great reminders of just how important an “attitude of gratitude” is to make life so much more fun, more meaningful and more enjoyable.

A dear, old friend of mine named Frank Peretti tells a story of gratitude that I have cherished for years called “All is well.” The story is about Ruth Preston and her young daughter, Jenny, who live in a tiny “single mom” home enduring great poverty in a small American village. The Prestons’ kitchen is scanned, and no cheerios, no ice cream, and no popcorn were to be found. All Jenny and her mom owned was hope…and a family slogan: “All is well.”

This Thanksgiving, you can listen to the story on Youtube and shed tears of gratitude as I do every time I hear it by clicking on this link https://youtu.be/_hb3aSx9FFA or by typing in “All is well – Frank Peretti” on Google search.

My favorite story on the gift of gratitude, which you can also share this Thanksgiving season with your family, comes from Luke 21:1-4. The familiar parable is Jesus’ treatise on Thanksgiving and His heart of admiration for those who are truly thankful and willing to give God “all that they have”.

After you read the parable with your family during a mealtime or bedtime devotion, ask each family member the following questions to stimulate discussion and intrinsically motivate an enthusiastic response:

  1. Why did the widow, who gave so little, receive God’s blessing over those who gave so much?
  2. How did God’s great love motivate the woman to give “all that she had” in the temple that day?
  3. Why is giving thanks in very tangible ways so admirable?
  4. What is your “widow’s mite” that you want to give God today?
  5.  How will our family relationships improve if each of us are more grateful to God and sacrificial to each other?

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