Welcome, Warriors!

PTF Ambassador Parties

Each summer Parent Teacher Fellowship organizes grade level parties to welcome our newest Warriors to Warriorville! New students are welcomed by returning ambassadors, and parents are given an opportunity to connect as well. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Jenny Mcmennamy at jennymcmennamy@yahoo.com.


  • 1st Grade Boys       July 31       Amy Rypkema
  • 1st Grade Girls      August 2    April Pennington   


  • 2nd Grade Boys     August 5    Meghan Griffith
  • 2nd Grade Girls     August 1   Amy Williams


  • 3rd Grade Boys      August 9    Heather Patterson
  • 3rd Grade Girls      July 31       Sarah Ross


  • 4th Grade Boys      July 17        Sydney Ezell
  • 4th Grade Girls     August 3     Megan Garrison


  • 5th Grade Boys     August 1     Alice Rogers
  • 5th Grade Girls     August 3     Leigh Ann Horton


  • 6th Grade Boys     August 6     Cortney Bowman
  • 6th Grade Girls     August 9     Jill Martin


  • Junior High            August 7     Suzanne Waters/Candace Whitlock       

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