Board Members

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Each year, a Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating and placing interested volunteers into PTF Leadership positions.  Every effort is taken to match an interested volunteer with a position which complements their talents, interests, and abilities.  Please click here for more information or to nominate an individual for PTF Leadership.

PTF Board of Directors 2018-19:

President Megan Garrison
President Elect Courtney Head
Secretary April Pennington
Secretary Elect Erin Carter
Treasurer Stacey Knoernschild

Treasurer Elect Jennifer Pledger
Communications Officer Evie Scherrey
Communications Officer Elect Shannon McNulty
VP Development Cathy Gammill
VP Development Elect Natalie Shelley
VP Community Renee Steele
VP Community Elect Heather Patterson
VP Services Kelli Greenwood
VP Service Elect Sarah Ross
VP Friends of the Arts Laura Greenway
VP Friends of the Arts Elect Suzanne Waters
VP Elementary Courtney Head
VP Elementary Elect Lindsey Walt
VP Middle School Leigh Ann Horton
VP Middle School Elect Amber Edge
VP Junior High Candice Whitlock
VP Junior High Elect Jill Martin
VP High School Stacey Covington
VP High School Elect Ashley Wadsworth

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