Calendar of Events

upcoming events

Parent Teacher Fellowship Fall 2017 Programs & Events:


  • 9thBack to School Fiesta for LRCA Staff 11:30am High School Commons
  • 10thBack to School “Joining the Journey” New Family Orientation & Social  6:30pm Warrior Hall
  • 14thSchool Tool Box distribution MS/JH (1-4pm)
  • 16thTears & Cheers – LRCA Parent Coffee   8:15 am  Athletic Training Center (adjacent to Elementary building)
  • 18thJunior High Popsicle Social (during 1st app)
  • 31st- Elementary Homeroom Mom Training (experienced) 8:30 am


  • 1stElementary Home Room Moms Training (new)  8:30 am
  • 8th- Warrior GLOW (JH Lawn), 6:00-8:30 pm
  • 13th- Moms In Prayer Kickoff (Warrior Hall upstairs conference room)
  • 20th -29th – Warrior Blitz – school wide
  • 26th- Jr. High Hawaiian Social (Warrior Field) 6:30-8:00 p.m.


  •  16th Accelerated Reading Store
  • 23rd -27th – Box Tops for Education Collection Week
  • 28th- 3rd/4th Grades Mother/Son Basketball Tournament 


  •  3rd-5th – Fall Play hosted by LRCA Friends of the Arts


  •  5thHigh School Fine Arts Christmas Concert Warrior Hall
  • 6th – 8th– Christmas Staff Appreciation EL/MS/JH/HS
  • 7th- Grade 6 Fine Arts Performance Warrior Hall
  • 12th- Junior High Fine Arts Christmas Concert Warrior Hall
  • 14th- Grade 5 Fine Arts Performance Warrior Hall
  • 18th – Accelerated Reading Store


Parent Teacher Fellowship Spring Programs & Events


  • 25th- Junior High Faculty Soup/Salad Luncheon


  • 2nd- Now I Lay Me Down To Read (Elementary)
  • 5th-9th- Box Tops Collection Week
  • 12th-15th- Staff Appreciation Week


  • 27th- Junior High Faculty/Staff Breakfast


  • 5th-8th- “Sound of Music” Spring Musical
  • 12th- Junior High Faculty/Staff Luncheon
  • 12th- Junior High Third Realm, 6:30-7:30 pm
  • 14th- WILD ABOUT WARRIORS SPRING EVENT (more info coming soon!)
  • Uniform Drive
  • 26th- Junior High Life Choices
  • 27th- Grandparent’s Day


  • School Tool Box Sales 
  • 15th- Junior High Faculty/Staff Luncheon
  • Junior High Graduation (during APP)
  • 24th/25th- End of the Year Celebration/Mini Olympics (Elementary & Middle School)
  • 29th- Junior High Faculty/Staff Snack Bar


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