Fine Arts Parent Shepherds

LRCA Friends of the Arts

2014-15 Fine Arts Parent Shepherds:

Instrumental Parent Shepherds:

  • Marching/ Concert Band:                 Lisa Edmunds & Monica Morrison
  • Strings 6th-12th Grades:                  Wendy Lair
  • 6th and 7th Grade Band:                  Angelica Ivester

Vocal Parent Shepherds:

  • Warrior Choir/ Belles/ Sounds:        Rosaland Davis and Kay Chandler
  • Junior High Choir:                              Tami Hawkins
  • Elementary Music/ Mrs. Stokke:      Ronni Fellers

Visual Arts/ Parent Shepherds:

  • Visual Arts/ Mrs. Buchanan:            Heather Bennett
  • Visual Arts/ Mrs. Spangler:              Jenny Ligon
  • Digital Video/ Mr. Anderson:          Holly Curry
  • Elementary Art/ Mrs. Phillips:         Jenny Ligon

Theater Parent Shepherds:

  • Theater/Mr. Kohf:                              Cheryl White

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