Kroger Card

kroger card pic.jpg

Earn CA$H for LRCA by doing what you do every week:  GROCERY SHOP!

The Kroger Community Rewards program is SIMPLE and EASY,  and it equals thousands of dollars for our school each year!

Here’s how you participate:

1) If you don’t have a Kroger Plus Card, pick one up at your nearest Kroger (or follow link for a digital card after creating a Kroger account below).

2) Simply create an account at (Click “Register”).

3) Follow instructions to link your Kroger Plus Card to your online account.

4) Go to Account Summary page.

5)   Under Community Rewards, click on ‘Edit.’

6)   Then under Find Your Organization, type in LIT

7)   Select Little Rock Christian from the list and hit ‘Save’

That’s it!  You’re Done!

Check the bottom of your receipt to make sure you are participating!

REMEMBER: If you have already chosen LRCA as your charity of choice, DO NOTHING!  We will send a reminder on how to re-register next January 2017!

Thank you so much!  If you have ANY trouble, please email the PTF Development Team at

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