The Parent Teacher Fellowship Board of Directors typically meets the first Monday of each month, September through May.  Time: 1:30-3:00pm in the High School Leadership Lab.

All Board meetings are open and all LRCA parents or staff are welcome to attend.

2017-18 LRCA PTF Board Meeting Dates


June 21, 9:00-12:00– PTF RETREAT- Home of Amy Rypkema

August 28, 1:30, Leadership Lab

October 2, 1:30 Leadership Lab

November 6, 1:30 Leadership Lab

December 4, 11:30, TBD

January 8, 1:30, Leadership Lab

February 5, 1:30, Leadership Lab

March 5, 1:30, Leadership Lab

April 9, 1:30, Leadership Lab

May 7, 12:30-1:30- current board, 1:30-3:00- new board; Leadership Lab


Please email with any questions about meeting dates.





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